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This site is composed of extracts from Rex Gilroy’s Books: Giants from the Dreamtime - The Yowie in Myth & Reality [copyright (c) 2001 & THE YOWIE"
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News article Rex Gilroy Holding Cast

Ape-Men in Australia

by Rex Gilroy
Copyright (c) 2001 Rex Gilroy.

This article is composed of extracts from my 2001 Yowie book:
“Giants From the Dreamtime” -The Yowie in Myth and Reality.
Copyright (c) 2001 Rex Gilroy, Uru Publications.

[Released in March, 2001, click here for Ordering Details]

The Australian Yowie Story

Yowies in Australia
Man-Apes of Eastern Australia

Excerpts From Chapter 16 Mysterious Australia 1995 - Rex Gilroy Parts 1-13

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Part 14-16 Is The Updated Version From the 2001 Yowie Book
" Giants From The Dreamtime - The Yowie in Myth & Reality."

Part 14

That sober Australians are claiming to have seen creatures thought to be confined only to the vast Himalayan ranges will surprise many. Yet incredible as it may seem, there is an enormous amount of evidence to support this contention.

“Giants From The Dreamtime - The Yowie in Myth and Reality” is the result of almost 45 years extensive research and contains around 1,000 reports from my enormous collection of case histories. A host of photographic evidence will be presented, demonstrating the Yowie, or “hairy man” is an integral part of Australia’s stone-age past and a distant relative of ourselves.

This hypothesis is backed up by fossil skull-types, crude ‘dawn tools’, and massive stone ‘megatools’ of gigantic beings who have left their fossilised footprints Australia-wide, demonstrating that our stone-age past pre-dates the appearance of the Aborigines, not by thousands, but millions of years!

To present the Yowie mystery in its proper context, relict hominid evidence from south-east Asia, New Guinea, other west Pacific Islands and New Zealand is revealed, demonstrating how the ancestors of these ‘manimals’ once spread out across the earth via land-bridges that formerly joined Australia/New Guinea/New Zealand with what is now island south-east Asia to the Asian mainland. “Hairy man” was a name given by the Aborigines to any non-Aboriginal race with which they shared this continent, but the term centred primarily upon at least three basic forms.

These forms were either the height of an average human being, an enormous man-like and also ape-like form. All were known by different names Australia-wide, but all meant either “hairy man” or “great hairy man”. The smaller form of “hairy man” was described as standing, in the case of male, from 2m to 2.6m tall, being hairy, muscular creatures; whereas the females were smaller at around 1.5m tall, with less hair and of lighter build and with long, pendulous breasts.

The heads of these creatures differed from Aborigines, in that they were long and narrow in shape, with a low forehead and thick, projecting eyebrow ridges. The general appearance of these primitive beings recalls Homo erectus [Java man] as the book demonstrates.

They were known to make fire, manufacturing crude stone and wooden tools; killing animals for food, as well as feeding upon nuts, roots and berries. The giant version of these beings reached between 3 and 4m in height. A mineralised skull fragment of an approximate 3m tall hominid unearthed by the author at Coolah, central western NSW on August 5th, 2000, displays structural features showing it to be the left projecting eyebrow ridge and low, receding forehead of a giant form of Homo erectus. The giant ape-like race appears to be something else entirely.

The author has gathered, over many years, a photographic and cast collection of often huge, opposable big-toed footprints which are remarkably similar to Yeti footprints found in the Himalayas, which together with the large, mineralised [ironstone] skull of an ape-like creature of around 2.6m height [from a central Qld site], suggest a race of Gigantopithecine monsters of between 3 and 4 metres height once roamed ‘Dreamtime’ Australia.

This book, the definitive work on the Yowie mystery, is the first of its kind to be released in Australia. It will not please conservative university establishment scientists, but then I have, as with my two previous books, written for the layperson in layperson’s language that the average Australian can make up their own minds on the issue.

Fossil footprints preserved in volcanic ash deposits dating to late Pliocene times and earlier, demonstrate there were other gigantic beings as well as modern human height people wandering this land 3 million or more years ago. My wife Heather and I have recorded hundreds of such fossils Australia-wide and lately have made some remarkable fossil hominid and hominoid footprint discoveries on the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, which question more than ever, the conservative “politically correct” view, that only Aborigines occupied stone-age Australia.

Besides Homo erectus-type Yowies, there are also the “little hairy people”, ‘lost’ pygmy-size Aborigines and other natives recorded from remote corners of the continent. The author has gathered a considerable amount of evidence from eastern Australia, Central Australia and elsewhere suggesting secretive tribal groups of these little people share the land with those taller, hairy neighbours which are the main subject of this book.

Sightings reports and “very close encounters of the hairy kind”, dating from early European settlement times to the present day are presented from every Australian state. The limitations of space permit me only to present a small sample in this article. Let us now examine some of these. During the 1830's tale were rife, among the settlers of the Tasmanian interior, of large, hairy ‘Bugaloos’, or “hairy men” [one of many Tasmanian Aboriginal names for these creatures].

Like their mainland cousins, these hominids stood taller than a normal human, were strong and muscular, and terrifying to look upon. In the Burnie district of north-western Tasmania about this time, a man and his wife returned to their remote bark hut from a supply-purchasing trip to find it had been smashed beyond repair by massive rocks hurled at the roof and walls by more than one of these man-giants.

Early 19th century settlers around Burnie often blamed local Aborigines for vanished stock, but the tribespeople denied the charges. “Makoron Koro, Makoron Koro”, [“hairy man, hairy man”] was their emphatic reply, and said that groups of these sub-men roamed the dense forests of the interior.

They warned Europeans never to approach them unless armed, for the Makoron Koro’s were giants, taller than any normal man and of tremendous strength. The Makoron Koro’s were similar to Victoria’s “great hairy men”, and many similar traditions continue to grow in the New South Wales-Victorian southern Alps.

Hereabouts for the last 100 years of so there have been countless mysterious happenings involving “hairy giants” and smaller hominids, and these spill over into the far south coast and inland regions of New South Wales. Tall hairy figures have been sighted by mountaineers, skiers and isolated farmers; mystery giant footprints found in the snow, and strange eerie cries heard at night from the forest depths.

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Excerpts From Giants From The Dreamtime - The Yowie in Myth & Reality 2001 - Rex Gilroy Parts 14-16

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