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Springwood Gazette Sydney Suburban

1st Oct 1980
by Rex Gilroy

SIR.- With further reply to, Mr. Apthorp (BMG 24.9.80), it would appear that he implies that I have wasted the past 23 years of my life researching the Yowie and various other strange Australian animals.

'While it is true that I was the first researcher to bring the Yowie to public attention throughout Australia, many other naturalists have since joined the search. Sightings reports gathered by me have come from a wide area of Australia's eastern mountain ranges, which appears to be the creature's habitat.

It seems unusual to me that people hundreds of miles apart could accurately describe various physical features independent of one another, all of which match. These in turn match the descriptions. given for many thousands of years by the aborigines. If the Yowie never existed, how else then, were the aborigines able to describe, in every physical detail, a primate creature, long before white man colonised Australia and showed to them pictures in books of apes?

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Yowie Newspaper Accounts
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Yowie Newspaper Article

by Rex Gilroy

It therefore seems to me that the aborigines were indeed aware of the existence of a secretive, herbivorous race of primate creatures. Scientists in Russia, Britain and America who have examined footprint plaster casts, even hair samples and other remains of the Yowie, Yeti/ BigFoot now identify them as a race of "relict hominids" that evolved from the giant forest ape, Gigantopithecus, which roamed Asia a million years ago.

The ancestors of the Yowie / Yeti/ Bigfoot are believed to have migrated out into Canada and Australia across the former ice-age land-bridges that once linked the continents. True, only physical evidence of any strange animal will ultimately convince the skeptic. It is for this very reason that researchers like myself continue to search the country. While thiere is definitely nothing living in Bedford Creek, a number of eyewitnesses have seem a striped animal identical to the "extinct" Tasmanian Tiger near Springwood and Blackheath.

As a conservationist it is my sole aim to prove the existence of any strange animal so that it may be given the sort of protection it deserves. I do abhore the practice of "tourist gimmicks" such as certain tourist-conscious towns offering rewards for the Yowie or some other mystery beast's capture. Such practices lead to idiots with guns and dogs searching the countryside bent upon shooting the poor creatures for a quick reward. These maniacs must be stopped. We must do all we can to ensure the preservation of our unique wildlife now, for tomorrow may be too late.

Kedumba Nature Display
Kedumba Emporium, Echo Point

“Giants From the Dreamtime”-The Yowie in Myth and Reality.

“Giants From The Dreamtime” is a scientific approach to the Yowie enigma, with a comparative study of “hairy man” footprints and their similarities with many giant-size and other fossil hominid and hominoid-type footprints found across the continent, a study of gigantism and much, much more. There is much hitherto unpublished material of the author presented which will surprise many people, information too often suppressed, because it throws into question the long-established ‘conservative’ view of our ancient past as presented in university text books.

I also present sensible advice to any future would-be Yowie investigators. The reader will also be awed at the great many discoveries my wife Heather and I have made in all our years together in the field. I feel privileged to be the founder of Yowie research and to have encouraged other, sensible researchers to follow my example. The search for surviving relict hominids in remote, hidden regions of the world, has been called the “last great search”, and it is both a fascinating and exciting one. Rex Gilroy may be contacted at the Australalian Yowie Research Centre, PO Box 202, Katoomba. NSW 2780. Ph 02 4782 3441 or email New Email Address as of June 2009 on or visit our website : or or

“Giants From the Dreamtime”-The Yowie in Myth and Reality.

Giants From the Dreamtime The Yowie In Myth & Reality

Here is a Scientific Investigation of Australia's very own 'Bigfoot', Crammed with Information & Hundreds of Sightings Reports, Written by Rex Gilroy, Australia's First & Foremost 'Yowie Man', Celebrating 50 Years of Australian Yowie [Relict Hominid] Research.

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“THE YOWIE- Living Fossils from the Dreamtime”.

“THE YOWIE- Living Fossils from the Dreamtime”.
50 Years of Scientific Research

This book celebrates Rex Gilroy’s 50th anniversary as the Father of Australian Yowie [ie relict hominology] and Australian Cryptozoology research. In the coming months the Gilroys will release other books on the Yowie, and also an already completed book on Australia ‘big cats’, and other Cryptozoological titles are also forthcoming. However, “The YOWIE – Living fossils from the Dreamtime” is a significant milestone in Australian relict hominology, for it is primarily concerned with the “fossil foundation” of the Yowie mystery.

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