Jonathan Swift [1667-1745] in his book, “Gulliver’s Travels” [1726], described Australia long before the voyage of Captain James Cook RN [1770], with information which could only have come from ancient Chinese writings on the mysterious southern continent. He also described a primitive hairy race that inhabited that land as the Yahoos.

Jonathan Swift
Photo courtesy of the British Information Service, London UK.

The Yowie Mystery - Living Fossils from the Dreamtime.

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Rex and Heather Gilroy are recognised internationally as Australia’s foremost relict hominid researchers. This book celebrates Rex Gilroy’s 50 years as the ‘father’ of Yowie research. Rex and Heather are also recognised internationally as one of the world’s foremost husband and wife research teams in the field of ‘Unexplained’ mysteries.

These daring and outspoken researchers are no friends of the Australian hard-core, narrow-minded scientific establishment, who would prefer that books of the kind produced by the Gilroys were prevented from publication.

When not carrying out field work, Rex and his wife Heather [a Registered Nurse/Midwife by profession] are at home writing books, surrounded by their huge reference library of books on all manner of scientific subjects. Besides their many and varied researches, Rex and Heather Gilroy are also involved in community service work as members of the Rotary Club of Katoomba.

Dead Horse Gap, near Thredbo. This wild region of the Snowy Mountains has been a “hairy man” locale since the first years of 19th century settlement hereabouts.

During June 1999 a stockman was riding his horse through wild scrub overlooking the road near where this photo was taken, when he spotted a number of “huge man-like footprints” in a mud patch.

Dead Horse Gap
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Excerpts from - "The Yowie Mystery" - Living Fossils from the Dreamtime.
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Part One

This and the next chapter will concern itself with an overview of the Australian relict hominid mystery. And as this book is principally concerned with material evidence pointing to the true identity of these primitive beings, the authors will once more draw upon fossil and artefact evidence, backed up in some cases by ancient Aboriginal traditions, to demonstrate yet again the Homo erectus identity of these hominids both past and present.

In our first book on the Yowie mystery, “Giants from the Dreamtime – the Yowie in Myth and Reality” [URU Publications 2001] every Australian state was covered. That book [always available from URU Publications] presents a mass of evidence leaving no doubt as to the Homo erectus identity of the Yowie, and this was backed up at the time by the authors’ growing collection of fossil skull-types and other remains of Australian Homo erectus.

Yet each year that passes sees our collection grow through the results of our continuing field researches, so that the book now in the reader’s hands presents an up-to-date review of our latest important skull-type discoveries. In many parts of Australia where we have uncovered numbers of crude eoliths, or many fossil hominid footprints, we have often afterwards learnt from local Aboriginal myths and legends that ‘hairy people’ once inhabited the particular region.

This is especially so in the case of our fossil skull-types, which have been recovered from areas that, according to local Aboriginal traditions, were or still are, habitats of the Yowies.

Lately the Blue Mountains west of Sydney has revealed more fossil hominid [principally Homo erectus] skull-types than any other part of Australia in which we have searched. These finds, together with the overwhelming mass of crude eoliths and fossil footprints, surely demonstrates that this vast region was well populated by Homo erectus in the past and from the great many modern day sightings it appears that the Homo erectus/Yowie continues to survive in the forest depths of this often impenetrable wilderness terrain.

There are of course other regions of the vast, eastern Australian mountain ranges where fossil footprints, large numbers of eoliths, and sometimes fossil skulls, back up modern day relict hominid encounter reports, such as in the Snowy Mountains, Wadbilliga and Deua National Parks [southern New South Wales; the mountain ranges of the Hunter district, Kempsey, Coffs Harbour districts and New England region up to the border ranges. The coastal ranges of Queensland’s far north into the Atherton Range and Gulf Country also hold more of the aforementioned evidence, backed up by a wealth of modern day encounter claims.

There can be no doubt that the great bulk of “hairy man”’ traditions, both Aboriginal and early European; modern day sightings claims and the fossil/stone tool evidence for the former and present existence of the Yowie, come from the eastern Australian mountain ranges. This has to be expected when we take into account that this part of Australia retained much of its moisture and forest environment towards the close of the Pleistocene period, while the rest of the landmass, particularly the formerly lush interior, dried up in an ecological disaster which saw the disappearance of much of the Pleistocene animal and bird fauna.

For the hominid population, which by then included Australoids, migration to the well-watered coastal regions became a necessity, unless of course some populations were able to adapt to their new environment as in the case of hardy Australoids. Those populations which moved into the eastern Australian mountain ranges found plentiful game, vegetable foods and water. This environment remains largely unchanged today, so that relict groups of Homo erectus-the Yowie should, as we believe they do, continue to survive, in remote, little if ever penetrated [by modern humans] mountainous forest-covered regions.

Rex Gilroy
Australian Yowie Research Centre,
Katoomba, NSW
Monday 25th June 2007

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Excerpts from - "The Yowie Mystery" - Living Fossils from the Dreamtime.
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