Jonathan Swift [1667-1745] in his book, “Gulliver’s Travels” [1726], described Australia long before the voyage of Captain James Cook RN [1770], with information which could only have come from ancient Chinese writings on the mysterious southern continent. He also described a primitive hairy race that inhabited that land as the Yahoos.

Jonathan Swift
Photo courtesy of the British Information Service, London UK.

The Yowie Mystery - Living Fossils from the Dreamtime.

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Rex and Heather Gilroy are recognised internationally as Australia’s foremost relict hominid researchers. This book celebrates Rex Gilroy’s 50 years as the ‘father’ of Yowie research. Rex and Heather are also recognised internationally as one of the world’s foremost husband and wife research teams in the field of ‘Unexplained’ mysteries.

These daring and outspoken researchers are no friends of the Australian hard-core, narrow-minded scientific establishment, who would prefer that books of the kind produced by the Gilroys were prevented from publication.

When not carrying out field work, Rex and his wife Heather [a Registered Nurse/Midwife by profession] are at home writing books, surrounded by their huge reference library of books on all manner of scientific subjects. Besides their many and varied researches, Rex and Heather Gilroy are also involved in community service work as members of the Rotary Club of Katoomba.

Dead Horse Gap, near Thredbo. This wild region of the Snowy Mountains has been a “hairy man” locale since the first years of 19th century settlement hereabouts.

During June 1999 a stockman was riding his horse through wild scrub overlooking the road near where this photo was taken, when he spotted a number of “huge man-like footprints” in a mud patch.

Dead Horse Gap
Photo copyright © Rex Gilroy 2007

Excerpts from - "The Yowie Mystery" - Living Fossils from the Dreamtime.
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Giants haunt our imagination and nightmares. They haunt the pages of our fairy tale books, our myths and legends worldwide. Scientists are largely silent about them, but for the admission that there were at least two forms as known from fossil teeth and jaws of massive size; namely the “Giant Java Man”, Meganthropus palaeojavanicus, argued by some to be a 3m tall giant form of Homo erectus, and the giant forest-dwelling bipedal primate, Gigantopithecus blacki. Both forms shared Java half a million years ago and earlier.

And, while a grudging international scientific community accepts these beings, huge stone ‘megatools’, giant-size fossil footprints and skull remains of a variety of gigantic hominids of the past, recovered right here in Australia, continue to be ignored by our scientists who remain fixated upon the ‘politically correct’ “nobody before the Aborigines” dogma of our Stone-Age past. Yet the evidence gathered by the Gilroys continues to mount, with discoveries made by us Australia-wide, in spite of the denial of scientists who protest that “such evidence can’t possibly exist in Australia”.

We beg to differ.

What we now offer is an up-to-date picture of giant tool-making hominids having shared Australia with other, smaller races during Ice-Age [Pleistocene] times and earlier. For many years we could only theorise as to the identities of the makers of the massive fossil tracks and ‘megatools’. We suspected a giant form of Homo erectus as the origin for much of this evidence, but only with the start of the new millennium did Heather and I begin to turn up fossil skeletal evidence.

This was, in the form of skull and jaw fragments, and finally two huge skull endocasts, which finally enabled us to positively identify a giant form of Homo erectus as the owner of all these relics. My quest for fossil remains of giant hominids began with the giant lower back premolar tooth mentioned earlier. I excavated the specimen at a Pleistocene fossil site at Westmead in September 1969 and although I was to turn up numbers of megatools and massive fossil hominid footprints over the years ahead, it would be 31 years before I was to find any more skeletal remains of these beings.

The tooth had been mineralised into ironstone with a fine mudstone coating. It measured 52mm tall, the two roots being 18mm long by 13mm wide and in depth, the crown being 32mm long by 25mm wide. Its owner had to have stood from 3 to 3.66m in height and been a powerfully built individual.

Then, on December 24th that year, together with my father, I was searching along an extinct [Ice-Age] course of the Macquarie River south of Bathurst, in the New South Wales central west, when projecting from a section of bank, I discovered numbers of massive stone implements; hand-axes, adzes, clubs, knives and other tools all of jasper, ranging in weights of from 5.5 to 16.5 kg. Such huge ‘megatools’ we knew, could only have been made and used by beings of immense stature and strength.

Afterwards I would learn of old Aboriginal traditions hereabouts, of a race of giant men and women, the ‘Jogungs’, who once roamed the central west and who, the Aborigines say, stood two or three times the height of a normal human. In the years since then I have recovered further ‘megatools’ elsewhere in New South Wales, South Australia, and in central and north coastal Queensland.

For example, on Wednesday 28th September 1994 Heather and I uncovered an ancient giant’s occupation site at Timor, out from Nundle and just inside the northern end of the Hunter district. The site had definitely been inhabited by giant hominids. Among the megatools we found there was one massive ‘chopper’, an immense grey basalt specimen of 20kg weight. It measured 36.5cm in length by 37cm in width and was 9cm thick. The monster-hominid who once used it would have held it with a single hand!

Rex Gilroy
Australian Yowie Research Centre,
Katoomba, NSW
Monday 25th June 2007

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Excerpts from - "The Yowie Mystery" - Living Fossils from the Dreamtime.
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